Creating beautiful music is my passion and obsession. I can play lead/rhythm guitar, and bass. I have been composing original musical works as well as remixing existing songs on computer using Digital Audio Workstations including Sony Acid, ProTools, Logic, Ableton, Cubase, and Reaper since 2005. I program drum beats, bass lines, and keyboard & synth parts in MIDI. I have an extensive library of amazing sounding samples and loops which I manually chop, layer, and edit to achieve the musicality I am looking for. I have been playing electric guitar (lead and rythmn) and bass in bands and writing and arranging songs since 1980. I work out of my home studio based in Koreatown in Los Angeles, CA.

While I do love and appreciate all different types of music, my interests lie mostly within pop, rock, electronic, alternative, indie, R&B, funk and any blend thereof, but don't think I couldn't pull off a country tune or some other genre if you provide a reference track!

My Process

  1. You come to me with your song idea or we can do this via Skype. It could be a complete arrangement or just a rough idea.

  2. We work out a general/rough idea of the main parts of the song; chords, beat, verses, chorus, bridge, hook.

  3. I'll record your scratch vocal track to a click to find a tempo to start with or you can just send me your scratch vocal (preferably recorded to a click).

  4. I will create the beat, bassline, chordal parts, intro, outro, and hook melodies.

  5. Once all the parts have been worked out and put together to a final instrumental, we can record your final vocal tracks and any doubles and harmonies.

  6. The song is now ready for a final mix which I will do myself.

  7. After the final mix, I can send it to a mastering engineer or you can use one of your choice.