Chill Electronica instrumental done with all
Com Truise samples

Drum & bass remix of "Noises" by Jessi Malay

Chill Electronica remix of "Desiny" by Marcus Schultz feat. DeLacey

R&B funk remix of "Crash" by Usher

Original Alt electronic rock song by
The Rising of Venus

Drum & bass original by Manuela B.

Downtempo trip hop original by Manuela B.

Power pop ballad original by Zohar

Pop Electronic remix of "Back in the Game" by Meiko

Electronic downtempo remix of "Vibe" by PropheC

Alt rock remix of "Passion" by AWOLNATION

Pop funk gospel remix of "Worship" by Max

Pop funk gospel original by Manuela B.

Dark alt rock original by Helos Bonos
feat. Never Mortimer Nada

Remixes; and originals for clients.
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